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"I have a few favorite musicians that I’ve listened to over and over. The incomparable Jason Farnham is very high on my list."

-The Drill Online Magazine

"In high school he discovered new wave music of the 80s and 90s, and today he loves writing and recording in this genre." 

 -Luther Burbank Center (from 2021 "Luther Locals" performance)

"At his best (e.g., "The Magician's Life") Jason Farnham plays the kind of gorgeous pop that explodes onto radio fully formed. His discography includes a New Age instrumental piano CD, and even in rock mode, he's a keyboard guy. "Morning Coffee," like all the songs, bubbles over an unplugged foundation, with enough electronic flourishes to keep the mix hopping, even when the lyrics drift back to the New Age realm, as on "First Man on Mars." Forget about the red planet, Jason; check out Cleveland instead."

 -Cleveland Scene Magazine

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