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Q: I found one of your songs on the YouTube creator library and would like to use it in my project. Can I do that?

JF: The songs found on YouTube are free to use as long as they are within the YouTube platform, BUT outside of YouTube (including any other websites, film, TV, radio, or other media), the track must be licensed for use. For questions about licensing a song for your project, please email me using the "Contact" page.

Q: Do you have sheet music of your music or your original arrangements?

JF: Sorry, not at this time. I hope to have this available sometime in the future.

Q: When did you start playing the piano?

JF: I started taking private lessons when I was 4 years old. I stayed with it and was classically trained. Then I joined the jazz band in jr. high, where I learned how to play that genre of music. In high school and college I started writing music and began playing by ear- learning my favorite songs from the bands I was listening to.

Q: In many of the photos & videos I see of you playing, you are always standing up. Do you ever sit down and play the piano like a normal person?!

JF: I get this question quite a bit. The answer is yes. Sometimes it's just more fun and exciting to play standing up depending on which song I'm doing.


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