Jason and the Piano

Jason was born in Brooklyn, New York but actually grew up in Canton, Ohio.  He started playing the piano at age 4, when he tried to plunk out the "Sesame Street" theme song on his toy piano. After that his parents bought him a Baldwin spinet, and the rest is history.

Eventually realizing that he needed to set himself apart from other concert pianists, he developed a sense of showmanship, performing songs in concert upside-down and backwards, sometimes standing on the piano bench, and incorporating humor reminiscent of the late Victor Borge. Some of his fans affectionately call him "Schroeder" because of his signature toy piano. 

When he isn't performing piano concerts across North America under the moniker "America's Funniest Piano Player", Jason enjoys making modern remixes of classical pieces and composing instrumental piano music in a minimalistic style. 

He is currently working on recording a new solo piano album, which will feature 10 - 12 brand new tracks with a cinematic theme. Plenty of "space" in between the notes and drenched in just the right amount of reverb. Join the mailing list for the latest news and samples from the upcoming album!

Jason currently lives in Santa Rosa, CA with his wife and 3 musical kids.

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